How to sell internationally

Whatever the size of your business, we can help you become a global online retailer and tap into our audience of 164 million active buyers around the world.

There are two ways to sell internationally:

  Basic international selling Advanced international selling
How it works Sell on with international postage options offered. Sell directly on international eBay sites, e.g.
Listing process Create one listing that is shown across multiple international sites. Create separate listings for each eBay site.
Pricing A single price which we convert to each local currency*. Tailor your pricing to each market.
Search visibility Listings will appear in default search results, but buyers can filter out international items. Listings will appear in default search results on that country’s eBay site.
Translation International buyers will see the listing in the original language, for example, listings will appear in English. We’ll automatically translate listings into the native language of the eBay site you’re listing on.
Fees You pay the appropriate selling fees for that listing. You pay the appropriate selling fees for that country.
For example, if you have a Featured or Anchor shop subscription, you’ll pay the discounted insertion fees for your equivalent Shop subscription level in that country. In many cases, this means zero insertion fees.

* Based on currency exchange rates that change daily, so converted prices may vary.

International selling

Offer international postage on listings

Getting access to international markets is as simple as providing postage options for overseas countries on your listings.

See our guide to international postage for more assistance.

Sell directly on international eBay sites

You don’t need to create a new account to sell on international eBay sites. You can just sign in to the site and sell much like you do on The main benefits of this are:

  • Buyers on other eBay sites can see your Feedback score and know that you’re an experienced seller.
  • Your track record with us means you may not encounter the same selling limits as new sellers.

Some options or features, such as item specifics or the category structure, might differ on other eBay sites.

Bear in mind that some knowledge of the local language will be helpful in navigating the respective sites. If you’re using the Chrome browser, you can right-click on the page and select Translate to English, although results can vary.

You can access the following eBay help sites if you need assistance selling on international eBay sites:

Austria | Belgium (French / Dutch) | France | Germany | Ireland | Italy | Netherlands | Poland | Spain | Switzerland | USA | Canada (English / French) | Australia  

Our international sites

You can list directly on any of our 14 international sites using your account.

Europe North America and Australia
Austria Australia
Belgium Canada
France USA


Additionally, we offer a buying-only version of our site in the following countries. You can make your items available to buyers in these countries by offering the appropriate international postage options on your listings.

Countries with an optimised experience

Get set up to receive international payments

With PayPal, you can accept payments from 190 countries, in 25 currencies. On some of our international sites, you must use PayPal.

If you sell directly on our international sites, set up your PayPal account to receive or block payments in various currencies by changing your settings in My Account > Profile > Payment Receiving Preferences.

Note that the currency of your transaction is always the local currency of the site you’re listing on. Buyers will pay you in that currency regardless of where they are located, although they may see the price as converted to their local currency when they view your listing.

The following eBay pages offer information on accepted payment methods in each respective country:

Austria | Belgium (French / Dutch) | France | Germany | Ireland | Italy | Netherlands | Poland | Spain | Switzerland | USA | Canada (English / French) | Australia  


Translating your listings is important when expanding into new markets. Listings that contain content that’s difficult for buyers to understand goes against our Selling practices policy. If you don’t list in the local language of a site, our customer service team might remove your listing.

If you don’t have the skills within your organisation to create listings or answer queries from buyers in other languages, you have 3 options:

  • Use translation programmes.
    Translation tools can help you translate your listings. It’s important to note that these programmes don’t necessarily deliver high quality translation. 

    Free translation programmes:

  • Have a translator or native speaker translate your listings.
    For better quality listings, consider employing a translator or native language speaker to translate your listings. High quality listings help drive your conversion.

    Organisations that can help finding a translator:

  • Outsource to a third-party provider that specialises in translating international eBay listings.
    Specialised service providers have linguistic skills and are familiar with selling on eBay. Some also offer multi-language customer service.

    Service providers for translation and foreign language customer service:

On-demand translation on

Many buyers from countries without an eBay site shop on We offer them an on-demand translation tool that they can use to translate item pages into their local language. 

We’re also working to facilitate your communication with international buyers by providing this translation tool within My Messages as well.