Protect your IP with VeRO

We take assisting you in the protection of your intellectual property very seriously.

What is VeRO?

We take assisting you in the protection of your intellectual property very seriously. Our Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) programme offers intellectual property owners a way to report listings that they believe to infringe on their rights. VeRO embodies our commitment to provide a safe place to buy and sell, which respects intellectual property owners' rights. ­

Become a VeRO member

Becoming a VeRO member starts with you filling out a Notice of Claimed Infringement (NOCI) form:

Click here to fill out the NOCI form

Email the form to and our customer service team will help you become a member.

History of VeRO

In co-operation with intellectual rights owners, we work to develop and enforce policies and procedures for protecting intellectual property. Launched in 1998, eBay was one of the first companies to adopt an online process that enables rights owners to report alleged infringements of their intellectual property. VeRO now counts among its members over 50,000 companies and individuals representing every type of intellectual property owner - from major software companies to video game developers to rock bands to luxury goods manufacturers.

How eBay supports rights owners

When someone uses other people’s intellectual property—such as copyrighted material and trademarks—in an unlawful way, it's considered infringement, which is against the law and eBay policies.

We provide support for both VeRO and non-VeRO members in the following ways:

VeRO members

  • Ability to easily submit infringement notices via a specialist reporting tool (VRT) in My eBay
  • Access to a dedicated group within customer support who specialise in answering questions of VeRO members
  • Rapid treatment by eBay of notices and listings reported by you as allegedly infringing, pursuant to the VeRO programme’s notice of infringement

Non-VeRO members

Report an infringement

We take all reports of alleged intellectual property right violations very seriously and strive to process and take appropriate action as soon as possible. To do this, we need to have all the relevant information to support and inform on the alleged infringement you're reporting.

If you'd like to report an eBay member's listing for alleged infringement on your trademark, design and/or other IP rights you own

Complete a Notice of Claimed Infringement form

Email the form to the VeRO team ( along with any supporting information you may have to validate your claim.

Removal of listings

When we receive a VeRO report, we send information to the listing owner about why their listing was removed and on how to contact the rights owner directly for more information.

If your listing was removed and you have further questions, please contact the rights owner directly. You can contact us in the following circumstances:

  • You can’t find the rights owner’s email address in your removal notification email
  • You sent an email to the rights owner, but they haven’t replied after 5 business days

Prohibited listings

You can find more information on the VeRO programme here

For more information on examples of types of listings that aren't allowed on eBay, check the policies below: