Why free postage works

Offering free postage on your items can be an effective way of attracting more buyers and promoting your business.

Use free postage in competitive categories

Free postage can be a useful strategy in particularly competitive categories, such as video games or fashion, where you’re competing against lots of similar items.

But bear in mind that you will still need to pay your postage provider for the service, and make sure you’re not leaving yourself out-of-pocket by absorbing high postage costs for low-value items.

When listing, select Offer free postage to offer free postage. When your listing is live, potential buyers will see that postage is free.

Why free postage works

Why offering free postage could increase your sales

Watch our video on why including the postage costs in your listing could give your items a better chance of selling.

Why offering free postage could increase your sale

Simplified postage message

Fast delivery and clear delivery dates are some of the first things buyers look for in your listings. The simplified postage speed badge provides buyers with important delivery information to help them identify listings with the fastest arrival times.

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Simplified postage message