Manage returns

A buyer may sometimes wish to return an item. It could be a faulty product, it could be the wrong size, or it simply isn’t quite what they expected.

How to manage returns

How you manage returns on your listings is an important part of your customer service. High buyer expectations and the odd unsatisfied customer mean it’s crucial you get this right.

Adopting the right approach to returns can not only have a positive effect on your sales but also on whether your buyers return.

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Buyer-friendly returns

Offering a clear and generous return policy is a good way to give buyers peace of mind.

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Setting up your return policy

A good way to better handle your returns is by setting up a return policy. Just a few simple rules can save you time and effort by automating different parts of the return process.

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Handling return requests

Most transactions on eBay go smoothly, but if a buyer changes their mind about an item or if their order arrives damaged or faulty, they could open a return request.

How to best manage after-sales return requests
Handling return requests