Bring your listings to life with videos

Inspire, educate and improve sales with videos on your listings

Bring your listings to life with videos

You can add videos to your listing to help showcase your products and enhance your sales. A video, unlike text and pictures, can really bring your product to life and help buyers understand the appeal of your products. Buyers will see your videos on the View Item page of the eBay app and will appear after the first image in your gallery to engage and inspire them and help close the sale. 

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What are the benefits of videos in your listings?

Videos are your virtual 24/7 salesperson, engaging with potential buyers, answering their most common questions, and showcasing your products.

  • Stand out from the competition with compelling video content
  • Deliver a more engaging shopping experience to current and new buyers
  • Help prevent common buyer issues and returns
  • Give buyers confidence in the condition and quality of your products
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How to get the most out of your videos

You can only add one video to a listing, so it’s important to choose the right content to create news sales.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a good video. It depends on what you’re listing and what will engage your buyers. Consider common questions and what might make your buyers to hesitate when making a purchase, and use videos to: 

Let your products speak for themselves

Use videos to capture features, unique characteristics, or different functions. Show in detail what your product can do, capture full 360 degree views, and demonstrate different versions, colours, or sizes. 

 Answer buyers’ most common questions

Videos are the perfect format to provide instructions and installation guides, show sizing, or explain any defects or damages. Show what to expect up front, and you’re more likely to have happy customers and fewer returns. 

Share the vision behind your products

Your listings are more than just products. They’re solutions to a common problem, inspiration for creative pursuits, or tools to finish that DIY project. Use your videos to show your buyers how your products will improve their lives. 

Build trust in your products and brand

Videos let you showcase how you create or source top-quality products. For instance, you can demonstrate your refurbishment process, showcase your products’ authenticity, or highlight the quality of the materials you use. 

Tell the story behind your product

Sometimes it’s the story behind a product that makes the sale. Use videos to create a narrative and connect buyers with you and your products.

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