Optimise listings for mobile

Improve sales by making your listings mobile-friendly.

Make your listings mobile-friendly

Our listings are designed to look great on mobile devices. Follow these guidelines when creating your listing to benefit fully:

  • Include the correct product identifiers and item specifics when listing and we’ll make sure important information about your item appears where it should on mobile devices.
  • When buyers search using filters, your listings will only be displayed in those results if you have completed the matching item specific information. If you haven’t added the matching items specifics, your listing may be excluded from filtered search results.
  • Use our listing fields to include your postage, payment and returns information. This is far more effective than trying to clump all of that info into your description.
  • Keep the formatting simple with a black font, size 12-14px, on a white background for easy readability. Use bullet points in items descriptions so information is easy to scan.
  • Don’t use active content, including JavaScript, Flash and form actions. See our guide to replacing active content for more information.

Use our image uploader

You can upload up to 12 images to your listings using our photo uploader and we’ll make sure they look great on mobile devices. We recommend that you don’t add images to your item descriptions as they might not work well on mobile.

The larger the image the better, and 1600px on the largest side is a good minimum to go for. Make it easy for your buyer to view your item by making sure what you’re selling fills the entire frame, with minimal empty space in the background.

Item descriptions on mobile

On mobile devices we show item descriptions a little differently. Buyers on mobile will see a shorter version of your description, called a mobile description summary.

These summaries contain the relevant information for mobile shoppers and are optimised to help surface your listings in search engines.

By default, we’ll automatically generate these description summaries based on your full item description.

For item descriptions that are less than 800 characters and use basic HTML, CSS or text-only, we’ll display the entire description.

Checking how your listings look on mobile

Always check how your listings look on your own mobile to see if there’s anything you could improve.

Use the Device Mode in the Chrome Internet browser to do this.

  • Go to one of your listings and press Ctrl+Shift+I.
  • After you've opened Device Mode, you may need to add an m at the beginning of the page URL, for example, m.ebay.com.
  • You’ll see how the current page looks on mobile, and you can select different devices and screen resolutions using the menus at the top.