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Your listings are your window to millions of potential buyers on eBay. Find out how to turn good listings into great listings.

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Choose the right category

The best way to make sure your listing appears in the right place is to use the eBay catalogue. When you first start selling on your computer or on the eBay app, you’ll be asked what it is you want to sell. As you start typing, you’ll see suggestions of items that match your keywords. 

If you see a match with the item you’re trying to sell, select Sell one like this and we’ll fill in all of the right item specifics for you. You can still write your own description, set the condition of your item and add your own photos afterwards.

If you do not find a match, or if you’re selling something unusual or unique that’s not covered by our catalogue, you can select your category manually with Browse categories and choosing from our full list. If you’re not sure which category to choose, have a look at what categories other sellers have chosen when selling similar items.

Choose the right category

Create a great listing

Get your listings looking and sounding great with some of our basic tips and recommendations. Read up on how to write effective titles and descriptions, take good photos, select the best categories and much more.

Basic listing tips
Find out all the best basic listing tips

Make your listings stand out

Help your potential buyers to find your items using search and filters by reading our tips and recommendations for making your listings stand out on the platform.

Make your listings stand out
Help potential buyers to find your eBay items

Manage listings

Select from the options we provide to help you manage, optimise and improve your listings and campaign performance. Discover the benchmarking tool Terapeak or read-up on how to to end or edit live listings and much more.

Manage listings & campaigns
Manage and optimise your eBay UK listings

Tips for listing pros

Find the eBay tools and listing features that can work best for your business strategy. Send your buyers offers, set reserve prices or upgrade your listings by adding subtitles, or list in two categories and much more.

Find seller tools & upgrade listings
Find the eBay tools and listing features