Multi-buy is a tool for all business sellers within Seller Hub that lets you offer a discount to your buyers the more they buy the same item. In fact, we know that sellers can see up to 10% more sales when using Multi-buy on their listings!

Multi-buy is a tool for all business sellers

Why use Multi-buy?

As you can see, Multi-buy lets you create tiered discounts for your buyers when they purchase multiple quantities of your items. It makes it easy for buyers to buy more than one of the same item, either with or without variations, while displaying clearly the savings they will make as a result.

We know that Multi-buy can:

  • Help increase the number of items you sell per sale

  • Display your promotions directly on the search result (for discounts above and including 5%) and item page

  • Save on postage costs by sending several items in the same parcel
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How does Multi-buy work?

As you can see in the example below (and in the above video), the white boxes on the View time page clearly display the reduced unit price when selecting “buy 2” or “buy 3”. This encourages your buyer to spend more and stock up on your items. 

Multi-buy can easily be added to inventory by either:

  • Selecting individual listings where you want to add discounts.

  • Adding the discount to all inventory or part of your inventory by setting up rules. An example of a rule could be selecting all listings under a selected item price, with a selected item condition or from a selected category.

All sellers can set-up Multi-buy offers

All sellers can set-up Multi-buy offers when listing a new item in Seller Hub or editing a listing, even if they are not Shop subscribers. However, setting up and managing campaigns using the Seller Hub Marketing tab does require an eBay Shop subscription.

For example, you'd need a Shop subscription to use automatic rules to set-up Multi-buy offers on all listings from a specific category, or with specific conditions or price-point. Multi-buy discounts can be used on single variation items or listings with variations, such as colour and size. Only fixed price listings are eligible.

How to set up your Multi-buy campaigns

There are two ways to add Multi-buy to your listings. To choose which option you’d like to use, first go to the Seller Hub marketing tab and select Promotions from the left-hand menu.

Then select Multi-buy from the blue Create a promotion drop-down, as shown in the image.

Then choose to either:

  • Select up to 500 items using filters, as you would with other promotions.


  • Define the Multi-buy rules to be applied automatically to a selection of your inventory. This option allows you to apply certain rules to all of your inventory in bulk.

To set up your discount using rules, follow these simple steps:


  1. Click the Create rules option

  2. Give your offer a name that will help you find it on your Promotions dashboard later. Your buyers won’t see this name. The offer will be populated with a unique value by default.

  3. Decide on the level of discount you want to offer. You can choose what you offer when your buyer selects “buy 2”, “buy 3” or “buy 4” and so on. However, you can’t jump a discount level; you must set discounts in chronological order.

  4. To apply the selected discount to items at an individual level , tick the box next to Apply discount to single item only .

    1. The discount will only be applied when a buyer adds multiples of that single item to their cart. For example: if items A, B and C are in a campaign and you've ticked "Apply discount to single item only", then the discount is only applied if your buyer purchases multiple item A's, item B's or item C's

    2. The discount is not applied if the buyer purchases item A with item B or item C.

  5. Multi-variation items are also included if Apply discount to single item only is selected:

    1. For example, a seller lists a shirt that has multiple variations of colour. A buyer can then add different colours of the same listed shirt and receive the Multi-buy discount.

  6. The promotion start and end dates are pre-populated but can change them to suit your promotion.

  7. When you have completed your discount options just click launch.

You can still add Multi-buy promotions to all of your inventory in a couple of clicks by doing the following:

  • Click the Create rules button

  • Choose the All inventory option you will find in the dropdown under Categories

  • Click the Save and review button and you will be returned to the first screen

TIP: Use our multi-discount margin calculator to calculate the impact of using Multi-buy per item.

Multi-buy Margin Calculator Excel

Managing Multi-buy

Once you’ve set up your offer on your Promotions dashboard, you’ll find the Multi-buy discount that you want to manage listed under the name you gave it.

Using the actions drop-down, you can then Pause or Edit an active promotion, Resume, Delete or Edit a paused promotion or Delete an ended promotion.

When you Pause an Active promotion, the discount is no longer visible to buyers and will not be applied to their basket. You can restart your promotion at any time by choosing Resume from the Action drop-down.

Don't forget, you can Edit an Active volume pricing promotion to change the Offer name, the inventory selection or the end date.


Note: A SKU, or Item ID, can only have one set of Multi-buy discounts applied. If you add the same SKU, or Item ID, to another Multi-buy promotion it will be automatically removed from the first promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the discount applied and what is the "Apply discount to single item only" box?

There are a couple of instances whereby the Multi-buy discount will be applied. Let’s say that your Multi-buy promotion campaign contains “Item A”, “Item B”, but not “Item C”:

  • The discount is applied when a buyer purchases multiple quantities of any item in your campaign. For example, buying 2x of “Item A”, in a single transaction will trigger the discount you’ve selected.
  • The discount is also applied when a buyer purchases different items in the same campaign . For example, buying 1x “Item A” and 1x “Item B”, in a single transaction, will trigger the discount, also known as Mix & Match Multi-buy.
  • The discount will not be applied when a buyer purchases different items which aren’t in the same campaign. For example, buying 1x “Item A” and 1x “Item C”, in a single transaction, will not trigger the discount.

Please be aware that in order to avoid the Mix & Match Multi-buy discount being applied, you can set up your promotions on an individual item basis or use the feature in the Seller Hub listing flow.

If you've selected Apply discount to single item only for a campaign that contains Item A, Item B and Item C, for example:

  • The discount is applied when a buyer purchases multiple quantities of Item A, B, or C only .

  • The discount is not applied if the buyer adds Item A and Item B or C to their basket.

  • The discount is also applied if Item A has multiple varieties (e.g. colours) and the buyer adds variations of Item A to their basket.

If you’d like to limit the possibility of the “Mix & Match Multi-buy”, we recommend you set-up campaigns containing items of similar sizes and margins or select Apply discount to single item only when creating a campaign. However, if you’re happy to offer the discount for bigger orders across your whole inventory, you can use the “All inventory” feature to include all of your items in one campaign. 

Which listings can I use Multi-buy on?

Multi-buy can be set on any fixed price multi-quantity listing. For listings that have multi-variations or single quantity, the reduced price would not be displayed and would not be applied at checkout. The tiered discount will not show, and is not applied, on single quantity or multi-variation items.

How many listings can I apply Multi-buy to?

Volume pricing can be applied to 500 SKUs, or item IDs, per promotion. If you use category rules or the All Inventory option, Multi-buy will be applied to all qualifying inventory. 

How do I end a Multi-buy promotion early?

Find the Active promotion you want to end on the Promotions dashboard and choose Pause from the Action drop-down list. Once the promotion is paused, to permanently end it choose Delete from the Action drop-down list.

How does this work with my other promotions?

If your item is in multiple promotions, this is the order of visibility:

  1. Multi-buy

  2. Coupons

  3. Order discounts

  4. Sale event + markdown

  5. Shipping discounts

With Multi-buy, Targeted coupons and Order discounts, only the best discount will be applied based on what’s in the buyer’s basket, regardless of which one is shown to buyers. 

If you’re also running a markdown sale, the Multi-buy offer will be applied on top of your discounted price.

If you’re also running a shipping discount, the Multi-buy discount may also be applied.

How do I get a list of category IDs?

Category ID is a number that determines the category. A full list of categories can be downloaded here.

How do I get a list of my Item IDs or SKUs?

  1. In Seller Hub, go to the listings tab. Use the search module to get a list of the items you want.

  2. Use the checkbox to pick your items and then choose the Edit option from the drop-down list.

  3. In the bulk edit tool, select the listings you want to know the IDs for and choose Export to file from the Action drop-down list. Choose Export to CSV . You can then open the file and copy the Item IDs into your Multi-buy promotion.

Can I add Multi-buy when I list items?

If you list through Seller Hub you’ll see an option to add Multi-buy in the Sell it faster section of your listing flow.