European Sales Booster & Webinterpret

The European Sales Booster can translate your listings and place them on our international sites

European Sales Booster & Webinterpret

In partnership with WebInterpret, we’ve created the European Sales Booster programme to translate your listings and place them on our international sites. This takes the hassle out of translating and localising your listings when you list directly on our international sites. Sellers with a Featured or Anchor Shop subscription or sellers that are invited to the programme can use this service free.

Using the European Sales booster will place your listings higher up in the search results in the international platforms where they are listed.

If you don’t already have a Featured or Anchor Shop? You can subscribe here.

Benefits of the European Sales Booster powered by WebInterpret

  • WebInterpret uses their algorithm to select your listings with the best sales potential in other markets.
  • The listings will be translated and listed on international eBay websites in Europe or worldwide, up to the maximum number stated below.
  • As part of the “Zero insertion fee” WebInterpret promotion, all additional insertion fees will be waived.***
  • You won’t sell more inventory than you have! Your inventory will be automatically updated and adjusted across all European eBay websites as soon as you start selling.
  • Any change to your listings on will be automatically applied to listings on other European websites, making managing listings easy.

Eligibility requirements

Seller eligibility
  • You’re a registered eBay member with a UK address
  • You’re a Featured or Anchor Shop subscriber or you were invited to participate
  • Your seller level is Above Standard or you’re an eBay Top-rated Seller
  • Your eBay Shop is registered on
Listings eligibility
  • Your listings in your main market already include international postage services and the costs. You will pay the Final value fee in the market where the item was sold.
  • There is demand for your items in other markets
  • The offer only applies to fixed price listings

Listings in the following categories are excluded:

  • Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles, Property, Boats, Jet skis
  • Books, Comics & Magazines, DVDs, Films & TV, Music
  • Other categories on listing sites with special listing prices

WebInterpret will test for these criteria during the listing eligibility process.

How it works

To participate in the programme:

If you do have a Featured or Anchor Shop subscription, you can activate the European Sales Booster now

Activate the European Sales Booster now**

Find here the terms and conditions 

If you don’t have a Featured or Anchor Shop, you can also be invited to join the programme:

  • Look for an invitation to join the programme
  • Read the terms and conditions
  • Opt-in to the invitation by clicking “I agree”
  • You’ll receive communication from WebInterpret  and receive all the relevant information.

WebInterpret will translate and list half of the selected listings or up to the maximum number of listings permitted by the programme:

  • No Shop: max. 250 listings per international eBay site every month
  • Basic Shop: max. 1000 listings per international eBay site every month
  • Featured Shop: max. 2000 listings per international eBay site every month
  • Anchor Shop: max. 4000 listings per international eBay site every month

International markets for your listings

WebInterpret will translate your listings into the following languages and list them on the relevant eBay websites*: (German) (French) (Italian) (Spanish) (English) (English)

Activate European Sales Booster now**

*Due to the implementation of eBay’s Managed Payments this autumn, not all the websites listed may be available for listing in 2020.

** Terms and conditions apply. If you downgrade or stop your Shop subscription, the number of eligible listings will be reduced according to the shop level. Product selection is based on eBay’s internal data on demand and supply in each market. Your registration will become active within 48 hours.

***Up to a maximum of 20,000 listings. You still pay insertion fees on the main listing on at the usual rate, and any listing upgrade fees on all listings regardless of site. Terms and conditions apply.