Basic international selling

With Basic international selling, your listings could appear on international sites in English

There are over 182 million active buyers in 190 markets worldwide. With Basic international selling, the listings you create on could appear on these international sites in English. Simply change your postage option to international delivery, and you’re ready to start selling all over the world. Here are some of the features:

  • International postage options appear on your listings.
  • You set one price which we convert to the local currency.
  • Listings appear on default or advanced search results in those countries and are subject to local rules. So, buyers who filter for local listings may miss your listing.
  • Where available, item titles will be translated to the local language but your listings may appear in English.
  • You pay the applicable Final value fees for that listing, wherever it’s sold.

For optimised international selling with localised listings and listings showing your feedback score, try Advanced international selling. Find out more about the benefits here

Sell to countries without their own eBay sites

There are scores of countries in Europe and across the globe without their own eBay sites. Buyers in these countries have “buy only” sites, which means you can sell to these potential customers by simply changing the international postage options on your listings.

Add international postage to your listings

Getting access to international markets is as simple as providing postage options for overseas countries on your listings.

See our guide to international postage
Get access to international markets

Add postage to international listings in bulk

add postage international listings in bulk

Global Shipping Programme

The Global Shipping Programme (GSP) takes the hassle out delivering packages to your international buyers. Just post your items to the UK depot, and we’ll take care of the customs, tracking and all the rest.

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Global Shipping Programme