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Using item specifics

Using item specifics

Including accurate item specifics in your listings makes it easier for buyers to quickly find what they're looking for.

Item specifics explained

For many categories, you can select pre-defined details about your item, known as item specifics. These can include brand, size, type, colour or style. 

Note that business sellers must add product identifier information to eligible listings when they sell in certain categories. Find out more about listing with product identifiers for business sellers.

  • Buyers can use item specifics to filter search results, making it easy for them to find exactly what they're looking for.
  • These details appear at the top of your listing description, in a consistent format, so buyers have a clear overview of the facts about your item.
  • Item specifics may also be included in your Q&A.
  • Certain item specifics are required for listings to appear in Google Product Search

Including item specifics in your listing

Fill out the Item specifics section under Describe your item (Quick sell listing form) or Help buyers find your item with a great title (Advanced sell listing form).

  • Choose from the drop-down menus for each item specific. Any marked with a green star (*) are required fields.
  • Check any item specifics that have been pre-filled and revise them if necessary.
  • Add other item specifics that apply to your item by selecting the '+' symbol next to the item specific. 
  • Select Remove next to item specifics that don't apply to your listing.
  • If you want to enter additional details, select the '+' symbol next to Add item specifics (Advanced sell form only).

Once your listing's started, you can add or edit item specifics by revising your listing(s).

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