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Selling allowances

Selling allowances

eBay is committed to providing a safe and trusted marketplace for all buyers and sellers. We want to give new sellers the support they need to complete their first sales successfully and ensure a positive experience for both parties. As such, many sellers, including eBay Shops subscribers, will have listing or selling allowances placed on their accounts, or in certain categories or items until they confirm key personal information or establish a positive selling history. 

To help you stay within these allowances, as a new seller, you can only use bulk listing/editing tools after 90 days and when you’ve received at least 10 positive Feedback ratings.

3 types of allowances may apply, depending on the seller:
  • Account-based selling allowances.
  • Category-based listing allowances.
  • Item-based listing allowances.
Find out how these allowances are applied, how to increase your allowances and improve your selling performance.

Account-based selling allowances


Category-based listing allowances


Item-based listing allowances


Increasing your listing or selling allowances

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