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Increasing your sales with eBay Promotions Manager

Increasing your sales with eBay Promotions Manager

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Promotions Manager is a free tool designed to help you sell even more by giving you the unique opportunity to merchandise and cross-sell your other products. When buyers take advantage of your exclusive offers and savings, you’ll see increased order size and revenue while your buyers enjoy the savings.

Benefits of Promotions Manager

  • Increase sales
    Offer promotions to encourage multiple purchases in a single order.  
  • Get exposure
    Promote reduced or special priced items as part of a sale or increase item exposure by offering eligible items in the cross-sell module on the item page and on the new offer shopping page.  
  • Reduce postage costs
    Plus increase profit margins for consolidated orders.
  • You can create a Sales event with Promotions Manager in just 60 seconds.
    Watch the video below to find out how. 

Get started with Promotions Manager

To get the most out of Promotions Manager, you should first determine what you’re trying to achieve. 

With Promotions Manager you can set up 4 types of offers.
  1. Volume offers to encourage buyers to spend more or add more items to their orders with a discount 
    Example offers: 
    • Save £10 when you spend £100 or more.
    • Save 20% when you spend £100 or more.
    • Buy 3, get 1 of the items free.
    • Buy 1, get 1 at 50% off.
  2. Related items offers to cross-sell additional related items (such as accessories) by providing an incentive offer. 
    Example offers:
    • Buy a camera, get 10% off select accessories.
    • Buy a TV, get £25 off a Blu-Ray player.
    • Buy ink cartridges with your printer at no extra cost.
  3. Sale event offers to automatically merchandise reduced or special priced items on a ‘sale page’. 
    Example offers: 
    • Save up to 30% on all women's Prada shoes.
    • Save up to 75% on all men's suits.
    • Save up to 40% on Star Wars Lego sets.
  4. Conditional free delivery offers to automatically merchandise items that qualify for a promotional free delivery offer. This promotion is  set up through Site Preferences > Postage and Packaging Preferences.

    Example offers: 
    • Free delivery on orders over £100.
    • Free delivery on orders over £50 on at least 2 qualifying items.
    • Free delivery when you buy at least 3 qualifying items.

Enable Promotions Manager for your shop now 
or go to
My eBay > Account > Marketing Tools

Listings that qualify to be part of an offer

To qualify for a special offer, listings must: 
  • Require Immediate Payment to be eligible for volume offers and related item offers.
  • Offer PayPal as one of the payment options.
  • Include a Buy it now option. (No auction-style listings are supported.)

Important: Listings with Best Offer including a Buy it now option are supported, but discounts will only be applied if a purchase is made through Buy it now.

Once the buyer has made a Best Offer and that offer is accepted, the item is no longer eligible for order discount or related item discount offers.

In addition, an item will qualify for inclusion as a related SKU in a related item offer only if the listing offers free delivery as one of the postage options.

Frequently asked questions 


What is a SKU?

SKU stands for stock-keeping unit, which is a general term for a catalogue number for a specific item. SKU is also called Custom Label in eBay's selling tools, such as Selling Manager, Selling Manager Pro, Turbo Lister, the bulk edit and revise tool in My eBay, File Exchange and API.

A SKU number can refer to a number generated by the manufacturer, or it can be a number that a seller creates for each item to manage their inventory. The SKU number for an item is provided by the seller when an item is listed or after it has been listed. Using SKUs or custom labels make it easier for you to relist products with the same SKUs or custom labels, without having to also configure cross-sales for them each time.

Promotions Manager uses SKUs rather than eBay item numbers. A Related Item Offer can only be configured using SKUs.


What is a primary SKU?

Examples of primary SKUs include:

  • Items that have related or optional accessories. For example: cameras, laptops, TVs, furniture, tents. 
  • Books or DVDs. For example: Series 1 of a given TV series, a sequel to a film, or a book that is a part of a series of related stories.

You can offer several primary SKUs in a single offer. However, each primary SKU in an offer must share the exact same group of related items /related SKUs.


What is a related SKU?

A related SKU item is generally an accessory or item that complements the primary SKU item, but isn't usually included with the purchase of the primary SKU item.

For example:

  • Extra lenses, camera cases or batteries for a camera
  • Games or extra controllers for a video game console
  • DVDs in a series, such as Series 2 of a TV show
  • Books in a series, such as Volume 1 and Volume 2 of a story
  • A matching coffee table to a sofa set
  • Camping accessories for a tent
Related SKU items must offer free P&P as one of the postage options in order to be included in a Related Item Offer.

Related SKU items not meeting any of these conditions won’t be displayed as a part of the Related Item Offer on the Item page.

Related items sell best when they are priced at about 20% the price of the primary item. Lower priced items are easier to sell to buyers than an additional item that is the same or higher price than the primary item.
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