Choose how to receive your money

PayPal is a safe, fast and easy way to get paid and all sellers on must offer PayPal as a payment method.

When listing with the quick listing tool, you can select your payment methods in Review your preferences

Make sure the PayPal email address displayed is correct before going ahead with the listing, especially if you signed up to PayPal with a different email address to the one you use for eBay.

Other payment methods

It’s increasingly uncommon for buyers to want to pay via cheque or postal order, but you can still choose whether you want to accept them as payment methods or not. 

If a buyer chooses to pay by cheque or postal order, they will post it to you as payment after the sale is confirmed. Once you receive the cheque or postal order, pay it into your bank account and only post the item once you have confirmed that the funds have cleared.

Alternatively, you can choose cash as a payment method if you list your item for collection in person.