How to pay your fees

With eBay you get a lot of selling power at a fair price. Read more about What fees you’ll pay when you sell with us.

We make it easy to keep track of your fees. Each month you’ll get an invoice that breaks down what you need to pay. 

Viewing your eBay invoices

Your latest eBay invoice will be issued on either the 15th or the last day of the month, depending on when you created your account. 

We’ll email you with your latest invoice when it is available. You can also access your invoices from the last 18 months at My eBay > Account.

We will only charge your account if you’ve listed or sold something during the previous month and the amount due is more than £1.00.

Your invoice explained


To keep your invoices clear, we only include details that are relevant to you. You may not see some of these sections if they don’t apply to your account for that month.

  • Amount due: The total sum you need to pay for the month.
  • New fees: The breakdown of all insertion fees, final value fees and any other fees accrued during the month. You’ll see an itemised list of fees for each listing at the bottom of the invoice. If you’re selling many items and don’t want to see this complete breakdown, select Summary HTML format in Seller billing preferences under Site Preferences > General Preferences in My eBay.
  • Monthly and one-off fees: Includes eBay Shop subscriptions, seller tool subscriptions, late fees and declined payment fees.
  • Credits: Money that we have reimbursed to your account for any reason.
  • Discounts: Any ongoing discounts on your fees, such as for being an eBay Top-rated Seller.
  • Promotional savings: Learn more about our promotional offers.

Set up automatic payments

The easiest way to make sure you’re always paid up to date is to set up automatic payments. Once you’re set up, we’ll deduct the fees from your chosen payment method within 15 days of when you receive your invoice.

You can set up automatic payments by going to Set up automatic payments under My Account > Payment methods for Seller Fees in My eBay.

You can choose from the following payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Direct Debit
  • Credit or debit card

Make a one-time payment

You can make a one-time payment of your invoice by going to One-time payment under My Account > Payment methods for Seller Fees in My eBay or via the link on your invoice.

You can pay by PayPal, Direct Debit or credit/debit card. 

Just make sure you don’t have automatic payments set up when you make a one-time payment to avoid being charged twice. If this does happen, contact us to request a refund.

Late or unpaid fees

Until we receive your payment, you won't be able to list any new items. You may still be charged outstanding fees for sales from open listings and subscriptions, so make sure you pay as quickly as possible.  

If you don’t pay your selling fees, we may take action against your account. See Payment requirements and late fees for details.