Provide the best service to your buyers and, over time, you’ll build up your Feedback score. This score is displayed next to your username across and it can help potential buyers decide who to buy from.

After every transaction buyers and sellers can rate each other by leaving Feedback. Buyers can rate sellers as positive, neutral or negative, and sellers can rate buyers as positive.

Both buyers and sellers can leave a short comment describing their experience.

Leaving and receiving Feedback

A good time to leave Feedback is once you’ve received payment and you’re ready to post the item. 

Otherwise, you have 60 days after the sale is confirmed to leave and receive Feedback.

Locate the item you’ve sold in My eBay > Selling and select Leave Feedback. From here you can rate your experience with the buyer and leave a comment.

Bear in mind that comments are permanent and you can only leave Feedback once per transaction, so be accurate.

To see Feedback you’ve received, select your username from anywhere on and then select See all Feedback.

What to do about negative Feedback

Most of the time, negative Feedback occurs when the buyer has had a problem at some stage of the sale. It could be that the item is not entirely what they were expecting or it took longer to arrive than they thought it would.

If you get negative Feedback, the first thing you should do is identify the buyer's issue and take action to solve it.

Once the problem is sorted, you have a couple of options:

  • Request Feedback revision - Ask the buyer to revise their Feedback once the issue has been resolved.
  • Reply to Feedback received - Share your side of the story and add a polite, professional response explaining to other potential buyers why the negative Feedback was received and what you did about it.

If you feel the Feedback is inappropriate as per our Feedback rules, you can report it to us. We will investigate your report and remove Feedback where necessary.

Feedback rules

Whether you’ve had a good experience or a bad experience, Feedback should reflect that.

However, there are some things we don’t allow and we may remove Feedback where it breaches our policies. 

Things we don’t allow include: