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Picture sizing, editing and format

Picture sizing, editing and format

When you upload pictures, make sure

  • Each picture file size is 7MB or less.
  • The pictures are at least 1600 pixels on the longest side. We recommend you don't enlarge smaller images to make them 1600 pixels.
  • If your picture is in JPEG format, it should have a quality of 90 or higher
  • You can upload pictures in these files formats (in order of what will give you the best results):
    • JPEG (.jpg file extension)
    • PNG (.png file extension)
    • BMP (.bmp file extension)
    • GIF (.gif file extension)
  • You can also upload pictures in TIFF (.tif file extension) format, however, you won't be able to use preview or the photo editing tools. 

Editing your picture

You can improve the quality of the image using some simple editing techniques. For example, you can crop out a busy background so that your item occupies most of the picture area. 

Our photo uploader provides commonly-used photo-editing features such as crop, rotate and adjustment of contrast and brightness before you upload. You can also find these editing features on digital cameras and scanners. eBay's Copy your photos from a web address feature lets you easily copy pictures you've stored on photo-hosting websites, with the same results as if you had uploaded them directly to eBay from your computer.

Saving your edited picture 

If you edit your pictures with separate photo-editing software, it's best to save the results as a JPEG (.jpg) or PNG (.png) file, unless the original picture is a GIF (.gif) file. In that case, save it as a GIF file after editing. 

Tip: When saving an edited picture for upload to eBay, use the software’s normal 'Save' command, and not any 'Save for web' command that might also be available. This maintains the quality of your pictures for uploading to eBay.

Tip: When editing, minimise the number of intermediate saves in JPEG format as each successive 'save' reduces the quality of the picture. Also, don't change the default JPEG quality to anything less than 90 on the commonly used 0-99 JPEG quality scale (supported in most photo-editing software).


  • File too large - If you receive an error message that says that your file is too large, please check the size of your picture. Use your image editing software (usually included with new digital cameras), and resize your picture to 7.0 megabytes (7000 KB) or smaller. If you're using Microsoft Windows, you can check the picture's size by opening the folder that contains the picture and selecting Details from the View menu. The size appears in the Size column.
  • Uploading too slowly - If you're using a slower internet connection (using a phone line), it may take several minutes for each picture to upload to eBay. To upload faster, you can use your image editing software to re-compress the picture files before uploading, usually with no noticeable effect on quality. We recommend you not re-compress large files to less than 200 KB or to dimensions less than 1000 pixels on the longest side. 
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