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Opening an eBay Shop

Opening an eBay Shop

An eBay Shop is designed to help business sellers maximise their sales on eBay. Your monthly fee gives you access to eBay Shops tools that you can use to build, manage, promote, and track your business.
Get started by checking out some basic information about selling with a shop on eBay.
  • What are the requirements
  • Shop levels – basic, featured, Anchor 
  • eBay shops fees and discounts 
Note: Sellers who tend to get the best results from their eBay Shop are those with high-volume sales and more experienced sellers who are committed to growing their sales and expect to have a part-time or full-time business on eBay. Find out about how you can use eBay Shops to grow your business.

Subscribing to eBay Shops

  • You can open an eBay Shop now. You'll be taken through a step-by-step process to name your Shop, choose your Shop's basic appearance, etc. Open an eBay shop
  • Choose a subscription level. Check out the benefits of each subscription level
  • Choose a Shop Name. The name you choose determines your Shop's website address (or 'URL'). Shop names are another form of identification on eBay. You have more flexibility in creating eBay Shop names. For example, spaces and symbols (such as '&') are allowed in Shop names. However, Shop names must otherwise follow the same guidelines and restrictions as other user IDs.
  • All of your items appear in your eBay Shop, no matter which selling format you choose.
Note: If you're new to eBay, listing and selling allowances may apply to your account. This helps us monitor selling practices and ensure everyone is on track to make the best out of their eBay experience. Learn more about listing and selling allowances and how to increase your allowance.

Minimum Commitment Period 

When buying a Shop for the first time you will be committing to purchase for the number of days until the end of the existing month plus the whole of the next month (the “minimum commitment period”). 
For example, if you buy a Shop subscription on 20 March you will be purchasing it until the end of April. If you choose to cancel your subscription during the minimum commitment period (e.g. on the 25 March) cancellation will take effect on the 30th April. You will continue to receive the benefits of the Shop until that time 
Once your Shop subscription has been active for longer than the minimum commitment period, if you then decide to cancel, that cancellation will take effect at the end of the month in which you cancel. You will continue to receive any benefits associated with the Shop until that time. 
If you upgrade a Shop then any new benefits and costs will take effect immediately and any unused portion of your current subscription will be credited back to you. 
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