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Multi-quantity listings

Multi-quantity listings

If you have multiple identical items, you can sell them in a single fixed price (Buy it now) listing. Buyers can purchase 1 or more of your items at a time until they run out or the listing ends. 

When selling multiple items at a fixed price, it pays to choose a longer duration, such as 10-day, 30-day, or Good ‘Til Cancelled. If you often sell the same items, find out how listing them together at a fixed price can improve your standing in search results.

How to create a multi-quantity listing

 You must use the Advanced sell listing form to create multi-quantity listings.

  1. In the Choose how you'd like to sell your item section, select the Fixed price tab.
  2. Enter the Buy it now price, and then enter the number of items for sale in the Quantity field. 

If you don't see the Fixed price tab or can't enter a number in the Quantity field, verify that you meet the requirements for fixed price listings.

Tip: If you have more than 10 of the same item to sell, you can choose how the quantity available is shown in your listing.

Requirements for selling multiple items

To sell multiple items in a fixed price listing, you must have a Feedback score of at least 15 and list the items for at least £0.99 or €1.00 each.

Selecting whether to show the exact number of items available

You can choose whether the quantity shown in your listing is the actual number of items you have available, or just 'more than 10' (assuming you have more than 10 left).

  1. Go to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences.
  2. In the Selling Preferences section, click Show next to Sell Your Item form and listings.
  3. Click Edit next to Show the exact quantity of items in your listing if the quantity exceeds 10.
  4. Select your preference and click Submit

Good 'Til Cancelled listings and the out-of-stock option

This feature applies only to Good 'Til Cancelled listings with multiple quantities.

When you enable the out-of-stock option:

  • All of your existing and future Good 'Til Cancelled listings use the out-of-stock option until you disable the option.
  • When the quantity of the listing becomes 0, your listing stays active, but is hidden from search results. The quantity in the listing can become 0 either through buyer purchases or you can revise the listing and set the quantity to 0.
  • When you increase the quantity of items available, the listing is eligible again to appear in search results.
  • If you change the duration of your listing to anything other than Good 'Til Cancelled, the listing is no longer out-of-stock enabled, and ends when the quantity becomes 0.
  • You can still end your Good 'Til Cancelled listing yourself at any time.

Using the out-of-stock option on your Good 'Til Cancelled listings may help protect you from receiving a transaction defect for running out of stock. Learn more about our seller performance standards.
Insertion fees and credits:

With a Good 'Til Cancelled listing, we charge an insertion fee every 30-day period from the time you create it until all the items in the listing sell, you end the listing, or we end the listing. Fee amounts are based on the terms in effect when you create the listing and when it renews. Learn more about our standard selling fees.
If you enabled the out-of-stock option, and your Good 'Til Cancelled listing has a quantity of 0 for the entire 30-day billing period, at the end of that period you may qualify for an insertion fee credit and a credit of any advanced listing upgrade fees applicable to that period. A Good ‘Til Cancelled listing that has a quantity of 0 is still considered a listing and may be counted against your listing entitlements.
If your listing has a quantity of 0 for the entire 30-day billing period for 3 consecutive 30-day billing periods, we end it.
To enable the out-of-stock option:
  1. Go to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences.
  2. In the Selling Preferences section, click Show next to Sell Your Item form and listings.
  3. Click edit next to Use the out-of-stock option.
  4. Make your selection and click Submit.
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