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Managing your eBay for Charity donations

Managing your eBay for Charity donations

eBay for Charity - Managing your Donations 

You can view your donation activity in your Donation Account, found within My eBay.

Click the Account tab and then Donation Account to:

  • Check the status of your donations
  • Select your payment method
  • Make a payment
  • Download your donation history
  • Add Gift Aid to your donations


My Summary

The My Summary page provides a snapshot of all your eBay for Charity activities:

  • View the latest announcements about eBay for Charity
  • Look at the total combined value of your eBay for Charity donations, plus a breakdown of your listings, transaction count and donation value for the current year and month
  • If you are a Charity Direct Seller, you'll see a list of your charities added to your eBay ID. If your charity's name is missing, check the settings in your charity's PayPal Giving Fund account. 


Donations Due

The Donations Due page allows you to make your donations from eBay for Charity items sold. PayPal Giving Fund automatically collects your donation via your preferred payment method on the donation due date (the 4th Monday after the listing ends). 

To pay a donation that's due: 

  1. Click the My Account tab inside My eBay, then click the 'Donations Due' link in the left column.
  2. Select the donations that you want to make, and then click the Pay Donation Due button. You can select one, several, or all of your donations due.
  3. Choose a method of payment for making the donation, then click the Continue button. Provide the requested payment details, and follow the directions on the screen. Note: If you list an item for a foreign charity on an international eBay site, your donation payment method must be Visa or MasterCard. This allows the charity to receive your donation in their local currency. Some charges may apply to international transactions. 
  4. Review the details of your donation. 
  5. Click the Submit button.

If your donation is marked as overdue, it indicates a problem with your payment method (e.g. expired credit card) and requires immediate attention. You won't be able to create another eBay for Charity listing until you make a payment for the overdue donations.


Donation payment method

When you create eBay for Charity listings, you must choose a payment method for making your donations. 

By default, your donation payment method is the same as your automatic payment method for paying eBay fees, but you can change it if you want to. You can only have one donation payment method on file at a time. If you add a new method, the old one will be deleted.

If you're using the same payment method for both your eBay fees and your donations, we'll keep them in sync (i.e. if you update your fee payment method, your donation payment method will be updated automatically). If you're using different payment methods, you'll need to update your donation payment method as needed.

When you've sold your eBay for Charity item, you can pay your donation in two ways:

  • Organise for it to be collected automatically by the due date
  • Make a manual payment for any completed eBay for Charity listing that appears on your donation page in My eBay. Just tick the donations you want to pay and click the Pay Donation Due button.

Making a manual payment:

  • Ensures your donation is sent to your selected charity more quickly
  • Allows you to select your payment method

Note: You can make future donations to the same charity whether you use the automatic donation collection or manually make payments.

Donations are due on the 4th Monday after your listing ends. If you haven't made a donation by the due date, it is collected automatically by MissionFish, eBay's partner charity who administers the eBay for Charity programme, within 22 to 28 days after the listing ends on eBay.

If your item doesn't sell, no donation is required.

Single donation

You can make a single donation with the payment method you have on file or make your donation by selecting:

  • PayPal
  • Direct Debit
  • Credit card

If your donation is overdue, you have 2 extra payment method options:

  • Bankers' draft
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

Note: Choosing to make a single donation with an alternate payment method doesn't change your donation payment method on file. 


Choose a favourite charity

You can search all the charities in our database and set your favourite charity using our Charity Directory. You can have as many favourite charities as you like, and one will be featured each time you buy and sell.

If you can't find your favourite charity in the eBay for Charity directory, invite them to the programme by recommending a charity.


Fee credits and donation refunds

  • Credits 

If your eBay for Charity item sells, you're eligible for an eBay fee credit. We'll credit a portion of your basic selling fees (insertion and final value fees) back to you according ot hte level of your donation. 

For example, if you donate 50% of your item's sale price to charity, we'll give you a 50% credit on your basic selling fees. For charities selling items, we'll credit 100% of your basic selling fees back to you.

The feecredit will appear automatically on your first eBay invoice after the item sells. 

Keep in mind:

  • This credit doesn't apply to fees for any optional features, such as listing upgrades or setting a reserve price, or to PayPal fees.
  • If your item doesn't sell, you won't get a fee credit on the insertion fee. However, you may be able to relist the item for free.
  • The item must be listed using the eBay for Charity option on the Advanced Tool listing form.
  • Fee credits must be at least £0.01 to be processed.
  • eBay for Charity listings are only available on eBay.co.uk (not eBay.ie).
  • Listings must comply with our policy on charity listings.
  • Refunds

If a buyer does not pay you, you can ask for your donation to be refunded (if a donation has been made), or waived (if it hasn’t). Tick the Donation Refund box in the 'Report an unpaid item case' form.   

Note: To be eligible for a donation refund, you must submit your request using the Resolution Centre within 32 days of the end of your eBay listing. 

If you ticked the Gift Aid box, you can cancel your donation for any reason within 21 days of your item selling. To cancel your donation, you must contact PayPal Giving Fund and tell them that you want to 'cancel a Gift Aid donation'. You can cancel a donation in this way whether you've waived your right to a refund or not.

Note: If you exercise the right to cancel, PayPal Giving Fund won't charge you any fee, and will waive or refund your donation. To prevent abuse of the programme, eBay reserves the right to block you from using eBay for Charity if you cancel your donation.


Waiving your donation refund

Once you receive payment from your buyer, you can waive your right to request a refund during the one-time donation payment review. This option allows PayPal Giving Fund to deliver your donation faster. provided we receive the donation before the 15th of the month. If you don't waive your donation refund. PayPal Giving Fund will hold your donation until the following month to make sure you don't need the money back. 


Gift Aid

You can boost your donations to your charity by 25% by making a Gift Aid declaration, confirming your name and address.

Note: To qualify for Gift Aid, you must pay more in income tax or capital gains tax than charities reclaim on your donations each tax year.

Self-employed (sole traders) and partnerships may declare Gift Aid. In addition, higher rate tax payers may reclaim 25p on their own tax return for every £1 donated to charity. Companies may not declare for Gift Aid. However they can receive tax relief on their own tax return for every £1 donated to charity.

If you need to cancel your Gift Aid declaration for future donations, clear the Gift Aid tick box and click Submit.


Donation History

On the Donation History page, you can track the status of donations you've made from eBay for Charity items and download the information into a spread sheet. 

By default, you'll see a list of all donations made over the past 60 days. Use the search and filter tools to see donations from a specific period of time (e.g. 'calendar year'), donations of a particular amount, or to see donations by status.

Donations appear with the following statuses:

Donation statusWhat it means
Payment in processDonation submitted by the donor but not yet received by PayPal Giving Fund (for payments by direct debit, cheque and electronic funds transfer)
PaidDonation received by PayPal Giving Fund
Refund pendingDonation refund has been requested
RefundedFull donation was refunded to donor (usually as a result of an unpaid item)
Partially refundedPart of the donation was refunded or waived by PayPal Giving Fund
WaivedFull donation was waived by PayPal Giving Fund (a refund, for donations that have not yet been paid)
DeliveredConfirmation that PayPal Giving Fund has sent your donation to the charity

When you place your cursor over the status column, you'll see the dates when the donation was made and when it was received by the charity.

If you have made a Gift Aid declaration, an amount will appear beside each donation. PayPal Giving Fundwill claim Gift Aid for eligible donations and forward it to your charity in full.

Important: Every eBay for Charity donation has an official donation date. This date the date your donation was 'legally' made.


Donating when you buy an item

You can also make donations when you pay for an item on eBay. You can see a list of all the charities you've supported and how much you've given to each one by clicking the 'Give at checkout donation history' link. To donate to the same charity again, make them a favourite using our Charity Directory.


Share contact details

Charities you support will receive your full name, but you can also share your contact information with them so that they can thank you directly.

To share your contact information with charities: 

  1. Go to the Account tab in My eBay, and click Site Preferences.
  2. Click eBay for Charity Preferences to expand and see all of your preferences.
  3. Tick the Share my Contact Details box to share your email and mailing address with the charities you support.
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