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Estimated delivery times

Estimated delivery times

Estimated delivery is the number of working days* that it will take for the buyer to receive the item based on the seller's dispatch time, the transit time for the delivery service(s) offered, the type of payment used, and the buyer's location.

Estimated delivery times are shown on the listing page. Once they've paid for an item, the buyer will see an estimated delivery date.

*Working days are normal weekdays. Dispatch times don't include Saturdays, Sundays and major holidays. Transit times don't include major holidays and Sundays, but may include Saturdays, depending on the delivery service provider. For example, transit times for Royal Mail services include Monday to Saturday (exception: RM Special Delivery services include Monday to Friday).

International estimated delivery times

The tables below show the transit times for the international postage services you can offer when listing on eBay.co.uk.

This transit time is added to your stated dispatch time to provide international buyers with an estimated delivery time for items posted from the UK.

For example: You select 'Royal Mail International Tracked' and enter a P&P cost for postage to Europe. Your dispatch time is 2 working days. A buyer located in Denmark will see an estimated delivery time of 5-7 days (= transit time of 3-5 days + 2 days dispatch time).


Standard/Economy/Express international postage services

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