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Click & Collect at Argos

Click & Collect at Argos

Click & Collect at Argos enables your buyers to collect items at a time that suits them from over 750 Argos stores across the UK.

Click & Collect process

We’ll automatically add Click & Collect at Argos to all of your eligible listings, at no extra cost. The only difference is your item will be sent to an Argos store instead of a home address.

How to become eligible

In order for your listing(s) to be eligible for Click & Collect:

  • If you fail to post the item to the buyer’s selected Argos store using one of the approved carriers, eBay may choose to no longer display or provide the Click & Collect at Argos delivery option on your eligible listings, either temporarily or permanently. 
  • Your item must be less than 20kg. No one side of the parcel can exceed 120cm and the second-longest side can't exceed 76cm, including packaging. If you sell items over these limits, make sure you've stated the weight and dimension in your listing in the 'Package details' section (not only in the item specifics) or opted out these listings. Any items that are too large will be rejected at Argos and possibly disposed of.
  • Click & Collect will not be added to listings that have a Best Offer option or are auction format. 



Some items in certain categories aren't eligible for Click & Collect. This is mostly due to the item being too large, potentially dangerous or because it isn't compliant with Argos' business policies.

What you need to know

With Click & Collect, you dispatch orders exactly as if they were home deliveries. The only difference is you address the parcel to the buyer's chosen Argos store rather than their home address.

We'll also provide you with a 6-digit unique identifier code in the second line of the delivery address which you must include. This is so Argos can identify your parcel and notify your buyer.

Note: If you don't include this code, there is no way of identifying your parcel and Argos may dispose of your item. 

We’ll send you email confirmation when your buyer has paid. When your item reaches the store your buyer will be notified that their order is ready for collection and will be given a collection code to take to the store.

If your buyer contacts you for the collection code, you can find this by going to My eBay > Order Details. 

Seller Protection
Once your item’s been checked in at Argos, we have processes to keep track of where it is. In the unlikely event that your item is lost while at Argos, we’ll refund your buyer for the value of the item at no cost to you and you will be protected from neutral or negative Feedback as well as any low detailed seller ratings related to delivery time.


  • Click & Collect can help increase your listings visibility.
  • Send any orders with multiples in one box where possible. This will minimise the risk of any parts being rejected or lost, and will make it more straightforward for the customer to collect.
  • You don’t have to use a tracked service, although this can make you more confident that your item has been delivered to the store.

If you’re selling lots of items, you can bulk upload them with the required postage options so they’re eligible for Click & Collect, you can do this in a couple of ways:

  1. Bulk edit and revise tool - edit up to 500 listings in Edit domestic Postage & Packaging. Collection in person items won’t qualify; you need to also make these FREE postage.
  2. Business Policies - create or edit a postage policy if you use one.

How to opt-out

If you don’t want to offer Click & Collect on your eligible listings you can easily opt-out through 
My eBay > Site Preferences > Edit Click & Collect > Opt-out.

You can also opt-out on individual listings by indicating in the tick box provided in the Sell Your Item form that you don’t want the item to be eligible for the service. You can always opt-back in later in My eBay.

Returns and replacements

You’re responsible for getting the item to Argos. If the buyer doesn’t collect the item after 7 days of it arriving at the Argos store, it will be returned to you using a trackable postal service, at our expense. Once you receive the item back, you’ll be prompted to issue a refund. You will not be issued with a defect if the buyer fails to collect the item. 
Buyers can return items through My eBay as usual, so you'll need to provide them with a return address where you'd like the item to be sent.

If you sell an item using Click & Collect, any replacements will need to be handled directly between you and your buyer. That means you’ll need to send replacement items directly to your buyer’s home, not to Argos. 
If you have any problems with Click & Collect, contact Customer Service. Argos staff won't manage seller enquiries in-store.
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