Use product identifiers and item specifics

Adding product identifiers and item specifics to your listings helps increase their visibility in search results and aids your buyers in finding exactly what they are looking for.

Product identifiers

Product identifiers are unique codes that can be used to identify a specific product. They work much like barcodes.

Not only do product identifiers help your buyers find what they’re looking for, including them can help your listings appear in search engine results, such as Google or Bing. They also help include certain items in eBay features such as product reviews.

The main product identifiers that we’ll ask you to include in your listings are:

  • Brand
  • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
    • European Article Numbers (EANs)
    • International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs)
  • Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)

You can either add product identifiers to help match products using our catalogue or in the Add item specifics section when listing.

If you sell unbranded items, or items that don’t have product identifiers, you can select Does not apply in order to complete your listing. 

Just remember that your listing won't receive the search engine benefits if you select Does not apply.

We recommend you always add product identifiers where available, and you must add them when selling in certain categories. Download the full list of product identifiers on to see categories where product identifiers must be added.

Item specifics

Item specifics include brand, size, type, colour or style, and they vary depending on what you’re selling.

They’re easy to add and offer important benefits:

  • Your buyers can use item specifics to filter their search results, making it easier for them to find exactly what they’re looking for. Your item will only appear in those filtered search results if you have added the matching item specific information to your listing. 
  • Item specifics are also used to narrow down search results on mobile devices.
  • They sit at the top of your item description in a standardised format, giving buyers a clear overview of what they’re looking at.
  • Certain item specifics make your listings more likely to appear in Google Shopping results.

Adding product identifiers and item specific to listings

Item specifics

When listing an item add as much information you can in the Add item specifics section. Some of the fields may have been completed for you if you matched your item using our catalogue.

If there’s anything missing, you can add your own item specifics by selecting Add your own item specific.