Sell many of the same item with multi-quantity listings

You can sell multiple identical items for a fixed price in a multi-quantity listing.

Not only will you save time, you’ll only need to pay insertion fees, if applicable, for a single listing.

Create a multi-quantity listing

Multi-quantity listings are only possible in the fixed price listing format. Also, you must have a Feedback score higher than 15 and list the items for at least £0.99 each.

Choose a format

In the Selling details section of the listing form, select Fixed price and enter the number of items you’re selling under Quantity.

The listing will stay live until it expires or all of the items are sold. We recommend a 30-day or a Good ’Til Cancelled listing duration.

You can decide whether buyers see exactly how many of that item you have left or a ballpark figure, such as “More than 10”.

Go to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences > Sell Your Item form and listings > Show the exact quantity of items in your listing if the quantity exceeds 10 and select your preferred option.

The out-of-stock option lets you keep the listing active even when all of the items are sold. This is ideal if you’re expecting to restock that item soon and you want to keep all of the sales history on the listing.

You can enable the out-of-stock option at My eBay > Account > Site Preferences > Sell Your Item form and listings.

With the out-of-stock option enabled, the listing will remain live even when all of the items are sold, but buyers will not find it via search. You can then edit your listing with the updated quantity once you’ve restocked, and the listing will be accessible via search as before.

Good ’Til Cancelled listing duration

The Good ’Til Cancelled could be right for you if you’re selling a large quantity of an item, or you’re regularly restocking an item. You will be charged a monthly insertion fee for the duration of the listing and, if you have paid for any listing upgrades such as a subtitle, these will be included in each renewed insertion fee.

A Good ’Til Cancelled listing will stay active until all of the items are sold or you choose to end it for another reason.