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Becoming a Trading Assistant

Becoming a Trading Assistant

Experienced eBay sellers can turn their eBay selling skills into a business by selling for others as a Trading Assistant. 

Becoming a Trading Assistant

eBay provides the Trading Assistants Directory to help people find Trading Assistants who can sell for them. Joining the Trading Assistants Directory is free.  

To get started, create your profile. This is like running a classified ad for your own independent business. 

  1. Go to the Trading Assistants Directory
  2. Click Create/Edit Your Profile on the left side.
  3. Follow the instructions to set up your 

Your profile will appear in search results when people look for Trading Assistants in your area.

Note: To be listed in the directory, you need to meet these requirements:

  • Have sold at least 4 items in the past 30 days. 
  • Have a minimum Feedback score of 50, with at least 97% positive ratings. 
  • Be maintaining your eBay account in good standing. 

Tips for promoting yourself as a Trading Assistant

The more you promote your services as a Trading Assistant, the more business you're likely to generate. 

  • Mention you are a Trading Assistant in your eBay listings and provide a link to your Trading Assistant Directory profile. 
  • Download and use the promotional materials in the Trading Assistant Toolkit - customise these posters and signs with your contact information and put them on public bulletin boards, in your own shop, or in any location where you think potential clients will see your name. 
  • Market your Trading Assistant status on your About Me page or on your personal website.

Doing business as a Trading Assistant

It's up to you and your client to negotiate the terms of doing business, including any fees you charge for your services. 

We recommend you define your policies and negotiate all details in advance before you begin working with a client. 

For example: 

  • What items do you accept? Do they need to be a minimum value? 
  • Does the client have a say in the starting price of the item, or how it is listed? 
  • What fees do you charge (if any)? Fees might vary by size, item type, and final sale price.
  • Do you charge fees for additional services, such as collecting items? 
  • Are eBay's selling fees included in your fees to clients? 
  • When the item sells, who will send the item to the buyer - you or the client? 
  • How do you pass sale money on to the client? 
  • What's your policy if an item doesn't sell? 

Note: The more details you can establish up front, the better for both you and your clients. See our Trading Assistant Toolkit

About Trading Posts

A Trading Post is a Trading Assistant who meets the following additional requirements: 

  • Offers a staffed drop-off location or shop with regular opening hours, so clients can visit the location without calling ahead. 
  • Has a minimum Feedback score of 500, with at least 98% positive ratings
  • Has sales of at least £15,000 on eBay each month 

Clients can search for Trading Posts specifically, and Trading Posts may receive priority placement in search results. Also, Trading Posts are displayed with a special icon next to their user ID. 

If you're a Trading Assistant who also meets the requirements, you automatically qualify as a Trading Post - you don't need to do anything.

The fine print

  • Trading Assistants aren't employees or contractors of eBay, nor do we endorse or approve them.
  • All eBay's normal rules & policies and selling fees apply. 
  • As item is listed through your account, you are responsible for the listing and the fees - and you receive the Feedback for the transaction.
  • Inclusion in the Trading Assistant Directory is free. eBay reserves the right to charge a fee for inclusion in the Directory, although are no plans in the foreseeable future to do so. 
  • Legal requirements and regulations for Trading Assistants vary based on the region in which you operate your business. You are responsible for ensuring that the services you provide to clients are legal. Please see our legal considerations page for more details.
  • You can remove yourself from the Trading Assistant Directory by going to your list of saved profiles and clicking the Delete link next to each profile. You can put yourself back in the directory later, provided you still meet the minimum requirements. 
  • Customer Support is available to Trading Assistants. You can contact us to ask a question or report an issue about using eBay. However, eBay won't mediate between Trading Assistants and their clients.

For more information, please read the Trading Assistant User Agreement and Trading Post Licensing Agreement.

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